Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Person of the Week- Week 11

Carrie Yarbrough

She is the one in the middle. :) Carrie and I were RA's together at VU and now she is one of my wonderful roommates. She has a servants heart and really blesses others. She is a photographer on the side and puts all the money she makes doing that into her non profit to help kids in Africa. Likewise she blesses her friends (she is photographing my wedding for free). She also has an awesome work ethic, as a teacher she goes above and beyond to care for her kids. Here's to you Carrie Yarbrough!

I got to see Jer this weekend. I can’t wait to be married :) Nobody on earth makes me laugh like he does. We just have so much fun together. We made dinner and watched the Simpsons and played rockband with friends, did wedding stuff and devotionals and watched some awesome old school videos on hulu. Whenever I go there I usually stay at either his friend Amea's or Lisa's. We were commenting on how our actions really speak out to others....everyone was shocked that we didn’t just stay together. It was a good reminder that actions are louder than words and that we are not only staying pure to honor God, but it is an awesome witness.......i think I can do 3 1/2 more months :)


Rachel said...


3.5 months will fly by! Way to be a good example. ;)

ConglomerateBeauty said...

Not only do your actions speak louder than words, but your lifestyle and your way of honoring God is so evident in just how you are that I didn't even think you and Jerry would be the sort of couple who would sleep together before marriage.

Isn't it fun that God will bless us for honoring the marriage bed? And then, any time after, it's guilt-free, fun, and impulsive sexy time all you want!

Emil said...

you guys are so encouraging. i didnt mean for this to come across as "yeah us"....more just a reminder why we need to stay pure...and i need a lot of reminders.lol

Diatton said...
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