Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New Lines

My new bathroom has floresent lighting,
Directly over the mirror,
For the first time I have seen new lines,
They are very clear.

My finger follows the crows feet,
Formed by my squinty eyes,
I think of all the times they appear,
When I laugh, smile or cry. 

Next I follow a line,
A u-shape under my eye,
It's the newest addition,
In my 27 years of life.

Some hate growing old,
Letting wrinkles show their age,
For me, each crevice represents 
My life story on display.

The formation of the lines,
Started with my first smile,
They grew deeper and deeper, 
With the experiences on file.

They grew deeper still,
As I smiled at my first defensive save, 
Moreso when I worked for hours,
To receive a final grade: A.

Deeper they grew still,
When a boy first held my hand,
When I received my driver's license,
And got asked the dance.

When I got accepted to college,
When I met the love of my life,
The moment I said I do,
And received a promotion after much strife.

Continue to hold the dear memories,
Capsules of of my experiences,
Grow deeper and deeper,
And fill up with these credences. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

An Eye For An Eye- Part 2

There was a bright light that blinded Kenny in one eye, making it impossible to see what was in front of him.

Though he was blinded, he walked closer to see what the light held.

“Kenny, my son!” he heard his father say.

“Dad- Dad where are you?”

He saw his father in the light- radiating.

“Dad, how can it be you?”

“Come my son, come and hug me.”

Kenny had no idea as to how it was possible, but ran and hugged his father who had been dead for nearly 20 years.

His embrace was so warm, Kenny felt like a child again in his father’s arms.

“It’s time to go son,” his father said.

Kenny turned around and saw his lifeless body lying on the floor. The owner of the home stood above him screaming and shouting “I killed him- I cant breathe... I'm gonna be sick.”

And as Kenny and his father began to levitate, they heard another gun blast and saw that the man took his own life….

And there was no light.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

An Eye For An Eye- Part 1

Kenny approached the door in a slow and drawn out manner. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up straight, as the wind howled behind him. 

Some dried out leaves circled around his feet as he stood on the creeky porch. He raised his hand, formed a fist, and prepared to knock on the door.

"Come on," he said. "Just knock on the door." 

But he couldn't do it... The horrible memories plauged his thoughts.

"Help me," the young voice shrieked. 

He looked around and said to himself "It's not real... Just get in and get out."

He knocked on the door with all his might and was stunned when it opened right away.

"I've come to get what is mine!"

The four walls made him feel as if the house was closing in on him. For it was in this house nearly 20 years before, that the most precious thing was taken from him... 

"An eye for an eye..." he shouted loudly.

As he shouted, what he feared most approached him....