Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Person of the Week- Week 13

Katie Froberg
This week's person of the week goes to my dear roommate Katie. Katie is always faithful to put others before herself (offering rides, venting sessions etc). She is the life of the party and always makes me laugh. You can bet that you will be entertained for hours when you are around her. She has a heart for helping the voiceless and is so passionate. Here's to you Katie Froberg!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009



  • God has done a mighty work with my relatives. I have all of their support! Amazing. I still cant believe it. I now have faith He can complete this good work because...

  • This morning in church Pastor Jess was praying and he said that God wanted to heal us of physical, emotional and relational pain. My mind went to my back (which has felt like I have had a pinched nerve for the past week) and to my family. I then kind of dismissed my back thing and kept praying. Then Pastor Jess said....God wants to heal someone's back....the moment he said that I felt immediate relief. I thought that word would have been for someone else, not me....my pain seemed insignificant. I leaned over to Corri, Carrie and Amos and told them. They told me to tell Pastor Jess that after the sermon...I did and he thanked me and told me he loved hearing that because it gave him courage to speak up when God gives him something again (I love how vulnerable he is). When God healed my back he brought to mind right away what my grandpa had said "My God healed my eyes...he can heal anything, especially relationships". I felt God healing my back today, though my pain seemed insignificant was a reminder that He can do anything and cares about all my worries. I have complete faith great things are still to come before June 12th

  • I judge people. Its really bad.....I like to call it realism or discernment....but its really judging. There is this guy who leads worship who can be kind of showy and I get annoyed. God put it on my heart that this person's sin might be more outward than mine, but that I am just as guilty....with my inward sin that may not be apparent to the whole world. It was a kick in the butt...realizing I was having a horrible heart while pretending to worship my God.....so now I need to work on this.

  • Went to St. Paddy's Day festival in the City....amazing!!! Had a Guinness and bangers sandwich, saw Irish dancers and a few Irish bands. So fun!!

  • My best friend threw Corri and I a bridal shower.....so much fun!!!! We went to this classy fondue place and played fun games and got gifts. Most of you know that I love embarrassing people, especially when it comes to honeymoon things.....the thing is I can dish it but I cant take it. I was turning bright red as I was opening up lingerie gifts.....so embarrassing. Fun nonetheless :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Person of the Week- Week 12

Corri Vaughan

Most of you know and love Corri. Corri is one of the most loyal friends I know. I have lost count of how many times she lets me vents and walks through things with me. She is fun, faithful and super good at jeopardy too. Here's to you Corri!!!

God is at work in a mighty way...let me tell you. He has been making some situations I foresaw as impossible, not only possible but blessed. This trial is not quite over yet, but it is amazing how much He has done in the past few days. Praying He will continue to do His perfect work

I would like to take this moment to apologize for my use of the term "grow a pair" in the last post. That is a gross expression....I often find myself using terms that I really don’t think of the blatant connotation (i.e. bitchin). I am trying to eliminate that out of my speech. James 3, right?

It’s a hectic day today....I am so excited for spring break!!! It isn’t really going to be a restful one per say, but it will be nice to have a break from at least one of my jobs. Jerry and I get to get our marriage license, see relatives and friends, get haircuts, he will see the price is right and I will get to go to Open Doors. It should be a really good one. 3 months and 2 days :)

By the end of this month I will know if I got the Graduate Assistant job I applied for and if I got into Grad school.....waiting on pins and needles :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Praise Him

So I was making myself sick with anxiety about a conversation I was going to have today. I finally grew a pair and did it. God not only made the conversation better than I could have ever imagined, he has granted me amazing peace. Why do I doubt still?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Person of the Week- Week 11

Carrie Yarbrough

She is the one in the middle. :) Carrie and I were RA's together at VU and now she is one of my wonderful roommates. She has a servants heart and really blesses others. She is a photographer on the side and puts all the money she makes doing that into her non profit to help kids in Africa. Likewise she blesses her friends (she is photographing my wedding for free). She also has an awesome work ethic, as a teacher she goes above and beyond to care for her kids. Here's to you Carrie Yarbrough!

I got to see Jer this weekend. I can’t wait to be married :) Nobody on earth makes me laugh like he does. We just have so much fun together. We made dinner and watched the Simpsons and played rockband with friends, did wedding stuff and devotionals and watched some awesome old school videos on hulu. Whenever I go there I usually stay at either his friend Amea's or Lisa's. We were commenting on how our actions really speak out to others....everyone was shocked that we didn’t just stay together. It was a good reminder that actions are louder than words and that we are not only staying pure to honor God, but it is an awesome witness.......i think I can do 3 1/2 more months :)