Sunday, May 16, 2010

It has been a busy past few weeks, but it is all coming to an end. The kids graduate in less than two weeks and Jer and I head off to Europe in less than a month! Can't wait!

Humanity is an interesting thing… even more so Divinity. In juxtaposition, I am awestruck. Whenever I am so desperately failing, and seek Him, he intervenes. No matter how many times I fail at the same thing, He answers my call. I am so thankful for that and the growth that He allows in me. It seems simplistic, but it still amazes me.

Your grace, your love
I'm so undeserving,
My faults reflect your awesomeness
That you would still love me

Let me not sin, so grace will abound
But to strive to live for you, not me
Glorifying you
In word, thought and deed