Sunday, July 29, 2012

Seasons of Life

About a year ago I came to the realization that life is both short and long. Nothing new or profound I suppose, but it's struck me that my childhood felt like a lifetime ago & that I was already in my mid-twenties... a strange place to be. I believe each year is a gift & have wanted to spend some time reflecting on each year. I tried on twitter, but failed. So a I am attempting here, so that I can ponder each season of life & how each year has developed me into the person I am today.

Born in Panorama City, CA. I was the first born & lived in Burbank, CA. My father was a Youth Pastor & my mother worked at a grocery store.

Age 1- We lived next to my grandmother in a small rental home. Both of my grandmothers babysat me while my parents worked. My parents bought their first home- a small condo near West Hollywood.

Age 2- My sister Katie was born 2 months after I turned two. Six months after that, we moved to Maui, HI where my dad had accepted the role of Associate Pastor at a small church that meet in a golf barn.

Age 3- I was sick on my birthday. My grandmother flew to HI & made me a cat cake

Age 4- Unless prompted by photos, I don't remember much till here. I remember jumping out my van and running down to a playground where my 4th birthday was celebrated. I nearly lost my vision in my right eye when I ran past an open can & sliced right under my eye on Thanksgiving at our church. A doctor in training stitched my eye (can barely see a scar today).

Age 5- Started Kindergarten at King Kamehameha III Elementary School. Met my friend Trina for the first time in Mrs. Hamaoka's class. Our cafeteria caught on fire & we had to wait outside for 2 hours while firefighters put it out.

Age 6- Ms. Wong was my teacher. First & last time I got straight A's till college. Met my best friend Lindsay

Age 7- my sister Olivia was born. I was a Scottish girl for Halloween. Started hula & got my dog Callie. My first international trip (to Canada) & got the Chicken pox a few weeks before that.

Age 8- Was obsessed with 'Skip It'- a hula hoop game for your ankle. Started playing soccer but was often on the bench. I could often be found inventing things, going on an archeological dig or researching other cultures.

Age 9- Ran for ASB against one of my friends & lost (I was ok with it though). Joined AWANA & started the American Girl Club with my friends.

Age 10- Joined the school choir & did my first duet. My brother was born & I watched my two younger sisters in the hospital lobby until a family friend arrived (my first babysitting gig).

Age 11- Had my first crush. Participated in May Day as a Lady in Waiting in our Hawaiian Court at school. Went on my first camping trip. Went to California for my first youth conference. Went on my first trip to Mexico.

Age 12- My dad accepted a job in California & we moved back. Started at one school for two weeks, then transferred to another when we moved. Learned to influence people with humor.

Age 13- Had my birthday party at boomers with my new friends. Got 2nd chair flute in band. Tried out the trombone and drums that summer.

Age 14- Went on my first trip without my folks to Washington DC. Started High School that Fall & held hands with a boy for the first time. Went to my first concert (MXPX of course). Best friend came out for the summer.

Age 15- My first boyfriend & first kiss. I was continuing to learn sign language & got my learners permit.

Age 16- Broke my foot right before my drivers test (and had been walking on it for 3 weeks). Taught myself bass & guitar. My family got a cute dog named Nalani.

Age 17- My dad resigned from his job after some church politics & we were unsure of our future. He started a new church at a bar. I went to my first winter formal.

Age 18- Had a bonfire party with a friend to celebrate becoming an adult. Went to prom with my friends at the Grove in Anaheim. Started college at Vanguard University.

Age 19- Stayed out all night with friends going on all sorts of adventures. Formed a life long friendship with the Frambly. Joined ASB. Started dating the love if my life. Started working at Open Doors.

Age 20- Became an RA & got my first 4.0 in college. Took one of my favorite classes at VU. Tensions were growing between my family & I, as they did not approve of me dating Jer. Went on a trip to Colombia with Open Doors.

Age 21- Second year being an RA & was busy with that, debate, Open Doors & teaching guitar. I had been blacklisted for reporting a staff member who hadn't been living in accordance with the Community standards.

Age 22- Moved to Portland. Lived with 4 other girls & it was one of the years I grew the most. I worked a very tough & frustrating job. I got engaged & was busy planning a wedding.

Age 23- Married my best friend with almost all my family & friends there (sans my parents). It was difficult, but became easier with other family support. I moved with Jer to Missouri & began our adventure there.

Age 24- The year of traveling. Went to multiple cities in America (Chicago & New York) and spent 3 weeks backpacking Europe. We got our cute little Bunny- Barack OBunny. My parents began talking to me again.

Age 25- A tough year. Jer ended up in the ER for hyperthyroidism & we lost a lot of money to an error in the University's tax system. Jer couldnt find steady employment. Moved back to California & got an apartment in Anaheim.

Age 26- Still a little tough. A lot is still unknown, but I know God has something around the corner. Blessed by my husband, family & friends. More to come later...

It's been an amazing life so far. These are but mere snap shots of each year. There is so much more to reflect on in each year. Some years were easier, others more difficult, but all shaped me into the person I am today. I pray that God will lead me to a future where He can use my gifts to my full potential in serving Him. I am one blessed lady.