Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our Church

I really love our new church- it's diverse, not uber political and most importantly it is very bibically based. The pastor is going through some of the more contriversial subjects in the bible and is handling it all in a bibical, balanced and practical way. Its really refreshing- what Jer and I have been wanting for awhile. Were looking to get involved with a mentoring ministry, apartment ministry and a small group. Cant wait to see what God does. I am so thankful He brought us to Anaheim. I love our church, community and new home (I am still amazed that God gave us such a great place).

In all of His faithfulness, I know He cares for us. He has taken care of us and will continue to- with a job for Jer, our finaces and in our walk with Him. Thank you Lord

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Like David

So David complained a bit in the Psalms... here is my honesty moment:

I would love for Jer to have a stable job. I would love to have enough money to not worry about paying for our bills and groceries. I would like to have enough to take our bunny to the vet for his medical needs. I wish that we wouldn't keep getting screwed financially- that we wouldnt have to worry about paying for an unfair ticket. Every time I think things are getting better, I feel like we get hit again.

But then I remember all the ways that God has provided... all of our blessings. He is faithful, even in the difficult times. I am so thankful for that. I know things could be worse and I thank the Lord for sparing us from that.

I just dont know how many more trials I can take Lord. It would be so nice not to keep getting hit so hard financially.

There is my honesty moment. I trust you and pray that You would hear my prayer...Amen.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Always Pro-Life?

When I was in high school, I had a shirt that said "Abortion is Homicide". What a statement I made! Years later, I realized that this particular shirt may have been worn with the purist of intentions, but it did not reflect God's love.

The controversial law in Mississippi, which was not upheld this week, got me thinking a lot about the issue of being pro-life.

The way that this law was presented was that the issue of abortion was black and white. Growing up in the church, I had heard the same thing- abortion was a matter of life or death, murdering or not murdering, black and white. Essentially, this law suggested that abortion was always wrong and that life began at conception (again the same thing I had heard from the majority of the Christian community).
However, this law did not Mississippi, arguably one of the most conservative states. Why was this?

The Economist had a really funny letter to the editor last week on the issue:

SIR – I was delighted to read your article about the effort in Mississippi to pass a state constitutional amendment to recognize embryos as people from the moment of fertilization (“A person already?”, October 8th). My wife and I have been considering IVF to address our lack of success in conceiving a child. Mississippi’s proposed amendment gives us even more reason to pursue this treatment, and to move to Mississippi.

After the procedure we will insist on taking custody of any extra embryos that result from IVF—it is our right as parents after all. Once safely in our home we plan to keep them in a freezer in our basement and list them as child dependents for tax purposes, thus giving us a tax deduction. To protect the lives of our children in case of a power outage we will buy a backup generator. Anything less would be bad parenting.

I had a good laugh, noting that by technicalities (stating that personhood began at conception) this person could have actually done this if the law had passed.

I read another story about a Christian family in Mississippi who had a child through in vitro. Now with in vitro, doctors get rid of embryos that they know will not work. By that law, the family could not have another child through in vitro, because it would be ending the life of an embryo (even if it was a "bad" embryo). It was suggested that this is why a substantial amount of Christian-Right members did not vote for this law, even though they were hit home. Almost everyone knows someone who has tried in vitro in the Christian community.

Perhaps abortion is not a black and white issue. Perhaps pro-lifers will be abandoning the term "life begins at conception" because this law proved it is a little more complex than that.

So now we live in a world where this law was tried and failed. The Christian community recognizes that this affects some of their own members. But will the Christians community recognize that it is not black and white for people outside of the Christian community? It is not a black and white issue for an 11 year old child who became pregnant after being raped. It is not black and white for a couple who is told the mother and possibly the child will die if she carries the baby to term. It is not black and white for the woman who takes the morning after pill after a condom breaks.

Now hear me out- I am not saying that abortion is right (or wrong) in any of these cases. I just think as Christians that we need to recognize that it is not a black and white issue. We need to love those in our own community and those outside of our community who are faced with these difficult choices. We need to ask God for His wisdom. But more than anything, we need to be much more loving when it comes to this subject.

Lord give us Your wisdom, guidance and love when it comes to this matter. Amen.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Trusting God in All Seasons

We were hit with some tough news this week. Now it is our choice- if we are going to trust in God or if we are going to let fear dictate. Lord, let our path be directed by You, let us go to You in prayer always.

A sweet friend sent me a note the other day (in the spirit of Thanksgiving) listing off the reasons she was thankful for me. It really made my day and encouraged me in the gifts God has given me. It served as a reminder of those gifts and to pray about how I can use them more for His glory.

This same friend told us about an opportunity that totally fits in Jerry and my heart for ministry. We need to learn more and pray more, but I am really excited about this.

Tried a new church that we love. I share many similar convictions and love the way the pastor treated God's word with reverence, truth, completion and practicality. It was awesome.

So Lord- I end this with a simple request: Have me pray more. I want to be in constant communication with you. I want our steps to be guided by you. I want to serve You. Help me do this. Amen