Friday, April 5, 2013


My friend Grace & I had a chat the other day about our legacy. What impact would we have on people in our daily lives, work or on people we barely know. I've been thinking about it a lot lately, and these are the things I want associated with my legacy:

1. Joyful. This a natural quality that I have... I have been a "happy camper" since I was little. Even though this is a natural quality, it doesn't always seem to come naturally. Things and situations in my life make me frustrated, bitter and cynical. Every time I let that take hold, I feel as if I lose a little bit of my joy (and I don't want to do that). Christ tells us He has given us His joy, so our joy can be complete. I want my heart to be filled with this rather than bitterness. I have seen what bitterness can do to a person & I don't want that.
2. Kind. Along the same lines, difficult or frustrating situations can cause me to be cynical and sarcastic. I would rather show kindness to all people, no matter how they treat me.
3. Hard-worker (who produces great stuff). I want to work hard, because I feel strongly about having a strong work ethic. But, I don't want to work hard for the sake of working hard... I want to produce content that impacts people, helps others and improves the status quo. Additionally I want to work hard while I am at work,, but to leave work at work, so I can lead a healthy life outside of work- always putting God and my family first.
4. A powerful communicator. I think that God has given me the ability to be a powerful communicator. I know I will always learn new ways to improve this gift, but I know that it is one that He has blessed me with and I want to use it to honor Him.
5. A reflection of God's love. God loves me despite all my flaws. I want to love others with this same kind of love... No matter how frustrating they might be.

So now, it's time to pray that He will help me to keep or make these qualities part of my life and legacy. Lord, show me how to have a legacy which brings honor to You.