Thursday, August 26, 2010

A few things that have been on my mind

I read a great book called "I Once was Lost". It describes ministry in the post-modern era. According to the book, there are 5 Thresholds during ministry:

1. Distrust to Trust
2. Complacent to Curious
3. Closed to Change to Open to Change
4. Meandering to Seeking
5. Cross the threshold of the kingdom itself

The book also pointed out a few other important things while witnessing:

• Ask questions
• Use an NPR story instead of Passion of the Christ
• ATTIC (Affirm, Translate, Transparent, Insert yourself as a case study, Challenge)

I loved this book!

Next I am working on getting in better shape. I found this weight loss calculator online and discovered that with my body type, I will lose 1.5pounds a week if I stick to my workout and 1300 calories a day. So that will take 3 months, but at least I have a frame of reference so I won't get frustrated. I am eating 6 small things a day and my typical schedule looks like this:

12pm-slimfast=200 cal
2pm-beef jerky=100 cal
4pm-crackers=150 cal
6pm-dinner=550 cal
8pm-Popsicle=100 cal
10pm-slimfast=200 cal

I know the times look late, but this is my schedule. We work late, but at least we are on PST :)

Finally, I made my bucket list. Here it is:

1. Read Time’s 100 Best Novels
2. Watch IMDBs top 250 Movies
3. Try a new food once a month
4. Be the best minister of the gospel I can be
5. Visit all 50 States
6. Visit all 7 continents
7. See all my favorite bands in concert
8. Visit the following places
a. Egypt
b. Israel
c. Laos
d. Thailand
e. Cambodia
f. India
g. Russia
h. China
i. Japan
j. Korea
k. Tanzania
l. Kenya (climb Mt. Kilimanjaro)
m. Morocco
n. Spain
o. Brazil
p. Argentina
q. Venezuela
r. Australia
s. Ester Islands
t. South Pacific
u. Indonesia
9. Do a Triathlon
10. Publish a book
11. Sell/Promote my art
12. Record a CD
13. Be fluent in Sign Language, Spanish and on other language (I think Arabic)


carrie d. said...

if you are going to do c, d, e, & f you might as well do Burma. Just sayin'.... ;) But it doesn't have to be on the official list.

Emil said...

Oh man it was supposed to be on there. Crap!

Phil said...

Im in Australia. You should definitely come here.

Fhaidel ® said...

here's someone if you want to do q ;-)

LaĆ­s Lobo said...

These are kind of complex goals but, I'd only like to say that I like so much the way you write! said...

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julianna1633 said...

this sounds go wonderful. I would like to try a lot of those things. Also, if you substituted things such as sugar free popcicles instead, you should be fine.

Alex Horton said...

Good advice about witnessing but the best ways to do that involve relating to people, finding out where they're at as far as religion is concerned and, last but not least, truly relying on the guidance of the Holy Spirit.