Monday, April 16, 2012

A Self I've Never Known

As each day passes and lines on my face form,
I morph into an older version of a self I've never known,
The days of my childhood seem a lifetime ago,
I slip further from the dreams I had as a girl

Am I called to be average, to blend into a wall?
Am I called to something greater- a history maker at all?
I'm slipping away from my childhood ideals,
Into an average life, a thought that once made me ill

Am I too old to change, am I stuck in my ways?
Is the future dissolving, my dreams fading away?
Alas I cannot take this, nor accept this grim fate,
I am called, I just know it- my soul to something great

My passions as an adult stem from that of my youth,
In each step that I take, I see this as proof,
Yet I am directionless and I cry out to God,
"Show me the way; equip me with Your staff and Your rod"

I'll pursue all the passions, divinely imbedded inside,
I will follow Your will, refusing to cower or hide,
I will be used by You, show me how to be grown,
And use me mightily, as a self I've never known


Kristi P said...

This is beautiful, Emily.

Emil said...

Thank you Kristi :)