Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ever Only Hear Part of the Answer from God?

Thats where I am right now. It's tough- not sure how to proceed except with more prayer. Lord please grant me your wisdom & guide me.

It has officially been a year since we have been back. Though this year has been full of trials, I am so thankful for it. It has been such a blessing to be around family and friends again. I love our apartment as much as the day we moved in and going to Disneyland on an almost a nightly basis has been amazing! Baseball games & get togethers with friends- it was what we dreamed of a year ago. Despite the struggles I am thankful for where I am now and how God provides.

Additionally I am so glad we did Europe when we did- no way we could afford it now. I am so thankful we had that opportunity :)

So whatever is next, I am excited because the now has been pretty sweet! I know He will show us when the time is right

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