Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Nothing Changes On New Year's Day

I always get the U2 song New Year's Day stuck in my head every year on this day. The line that "nothing changes" on this day is one that always sticks out to me.

I think whether it is by resolution or hope for a brighter tomorrow, many if us expect drastic change in a year, though often not much will change. Occasionally there will be major change in the period of a year, but often it isn't anything close to what we think the change will look like.

A friend just got back from Thailand and said that the Mission agency she was with told her it would be strange coming back because a lot can change in a year with friends. She said nothing had seemed to change too drastically, which surprised her.

So with this, I know that things will change in a year, friends will have babies, people will move away or move home and some prayers for jobs may be answered. I know that I can't expect things i wan to see change to change unless I strive to venture to new, uncharted territories, where the streets have no names.


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