Sunday, February 3, 2013

Istanbul was Constantinople

I am currently en route to Istanbul and will have a connecting flight to Amsterdam for a work conference. After the conference, I will fly back to Istanbul & will spend a few vacation days there, before heading back. I don't think words can describe how excited I am for both- so thankful to be given this opportunity :)

When I was 8, I dressed up as a little Dutch girl & only dreamt of visiting the country one day. And for years I have read about the rich history of Turkey: the 7 churches Paul wrote to were from this country, the Ottoman Empire and the Grand Bazaar. I know I say this a lot, but I am so thankful for the way God has allowed me to experience my childhood dreams, use my gifts (including the ones I went to school for) and that all of this can be used for an amazing ministry.

I'm reading Mindy Kaling's book right now (which is amazing) & she too expresses her gratitude for being able to fulfill her childhood dreams. It's a gift not everyone gets, so I am very thankful to be blessed with it (well maybe I am not an Archeologist or inventor, but it is arguable that as a communicator, one has to go on an 'archeological dig' for new ideas and invent new ways of presenting them) :). I guess all I am trying to say is God has renewed my love for what He has called me to in so many amazing ways (including new opportunities i never thought possible) and for this I am beyond grateful.

Jer has some upcoming interviews this week. Mind saying a prayer for him- that God would open the right doors, according to his perfect will? I was reminded the other day of how Jer gave up the opportunity to go to school (with a large scholarship) for computer engineering. After a semester, he obeyed the calling he felt to study youth leadership at Vanguard (for a heck of a lot more money out of pocket no less).

I remember when we first were dating, he told me he didn't want to be a youth pastor.

"Then why are you studying to be one," I asked.

"I know I'm called to work with youth- just in a different capacity, though I'm not sure what it looks like," he said.

Well a few years later, it became very obvious that God had called him to minister to students in Higher Education. I know I have talked about our time in Missouri before, but it truly was an amazing ministry & calling that God had called Jer to. So many amazing stories, conversations abd relationships that I had the privilege of observing as a wife (and participating in together).

Not only would we like Jer to have a job for financial reasons (and preparing for our future), but more importantly to be used by God in the unique & wonderful ministry he has been called to (and has sacrificed so much for). In the meantime, God has opened up numerous short term ministry opportunities, which have been equally wonderful to observe as his spouse. Admittedly, I brag a little as a wife, but I am so proud if the man he is & that God blessed me with him.

Well, we are currently flying over the UK and with a little over 3 hours left on this flight, I am signing off.

Shout out alert: Thankful for the wifi and all the awesome amenities on Turkish Airlines :)

Peace out friends!

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