Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New Lines

My new bathroom has floresent lighting,
Directly over the mirror,
For the first time I have seen new lines,
They are very clear.

My finger follows the crows feet,
Formed by my squinty eyes,
I think of all the times they appear,
When I laugh, smile or cry. 

Next I follow a line,
A u-shape under my eye,
It's the newest addition,
In my 27 years of life.

Some hate growing old,
Letting wrinkles show their age,
For me, each crevice represents 
My life story on display.

The formation of the lines,
Started with my first smile,
They grew deeper and deeper, 
With the experiences on file.

They grew deeper still,
As I smiled at my first defensive save, 
Moreso when I worked for hours,
To receive a final grade: A.

Deeper they grew still,
When a boy first held my hand,
When I received my driver's license,
And got asked the dance.

When I got accepted to college,
When I met the love of my life,
The moment I said I do,
And received a promotion after much strife.

Continue to hold the dear memories,
Capsules of of my experiences,
Grow deeper and deeper,
And fill up with these credences.