Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Few Who Ruin The Blue

The few who ruin the Blue,

Seem more prevalent lately, 

Getting away with horrific crimes, 

Injustice shown blatantly. 

How on earth can it be?

In the year 2014,

A raped teen exhiled from her town,

A homeless man dying of a ruptured spleen? 

All at the hands,

Of those sworn to protect and serve,

And when their day in court comes,

They escape the punishment they deserve. 

I know they represent,

A small fraction of the Force,

But it's hard to swallow, 

As it is part of my history's course.

When I was 11 years old,

On my way to school,

I saw my best friend on a gurney,

Hit by a man who wore blue.

This off duty policeman,

Was driving while drunk,

But he never saw justice,

His case hidden in a county trunk 

Or my friend in college,

Who had an ebony skintone, 

And couldn't drive off campus at night, 

The cops would harass and not leave him alone.

Or when my husband was pulled over,

And he was asked if he had ammunition, 

Nothing he did deserved that first question, 

His ethnicity was what caused the suspicion.

Or when we were stopped in the Midwest,

The officer infered prostitutes were what we are, 

For driving with my husband, a brown man, 

Who without cause was held in his cop car.

And all of these cases,

Which made my blood boil,

Fail to compare,

To the brutality which makes me coil.

How can those who used a taser,

On a man who was hog tied,

Escape all charges? 

Even though they are the reason a man died? 

I have to remind myself,

That most are not this evil,

Many have good intentions,

And are honest and real.

But to the good ones,

I make this small plea,

Don't turn a blind eye to injustice,

Don't use your union to set them free.

See in the history of Orange County,

A cop has never been found guilty,

Of any charges of murder,

And that can't be coincidently.  

Don't bail out the guilty,

A blind band of brothers won't do, 

Please stand for what is right,

And don't be part of the few who ruin the Blue.



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