Saturday, September 19, 2009

Since its been awhile

I get to go to So Cal in 4 more days. I am flying out for a work conference, but I am super excited because I will be able to see a bunch of my friends and loved ones. I have been a little lame and have been texting everyone about how excited I am. The only part that could be better is if my sweet husband came along. He is still trying to devise a plan to convince my employer that it is needed for husbands to come too :)

We went to Chicago last week and saw U2. It is an amazing city and the concert was beyond amazing. It was better than I could have ever imagined. It is difficult to describe, but I would encourage everyone to experience a U2 concert if they can. While there we went to the Art Institute. We saw many original works of art, including the American Gothic. It was really inspiring. I really loved the modern art section.

I am starting to work on my book again, but I am going a new direction. I am really excited!

My friends who know me know that I get along with most people. I am a person who strives to find the good in everyone; it’s rare when I don’t. It’s not something I push myself towards, it’s just a natural reaction....I don’t know why. So when I encounter people who it is difficult to find qualities that I deem as good, I get really frustrated. I have had this happen a few times and it truly saddens me. God and I have had a few conversations about loving people as he does. I DO NOT deserve to be loved by God. I have sin that I emulate daily. Yet he still loves me. I want that same kind of love as He has. He is granting it to me. Granted discernment is a gift from Him as well, so I will remember that. But Love does not hold grudges/keep records of wrong. Love is wise but loves above all. Grant me that amazing love for everyone I pray Lord!

It always seems that my update on my spiritual walk is the longest... Probably because God has so much to work on :)

It is really fun to be back in school. I am enjoying life so much! I think I have discovered the best thing about marriage.....pillow talk. The best thing on earth is talking and snuggling before you fall asleep each night. I am so thankful for this and for my amazing husband. I also love our little escapes from the job....even if it is as simple as getting a coke at the DQ (name that movie). Life is Wonderful.


Jay said...

Even though I'm not married the last bit you enjoy I concur it is amazing.

Joe and Brianna said...

I'm sorry I never answered your text. I got at like midnight my time and figured you wouldn't really enjoy a response at 2am. Buuut I am soooooo excited to see you at the wedding next weekend! Yay. Are you going to be able to make it to Holly's Bachelorette party?

.heidi.noelle. said...

It is so good to hear the sweet little bits of life for you two! Sorry Jer doesn't get to come with you to SoCal :( Always enjoying reading Em...always.

DesiraƩ Rochelle said...

you inspire me. your past.... and who you are today because/inspite of it. Its amazing to me to see the lady that you are in Christ.

you love very well.

Im really proud of you, and i mean that in a non degrading way :) Honetly, you just really inspire me.