Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Giving it to God

I got sick this week and I think it caused me to realize how close to burning out I am.

This week a co-worker began to show signs of being burned out. Good changes have been happening at work, but I think we still have to be careful as things continue to improve... We have been going full speed for a long time, and we need to give all the burdens associated with it to God.

It's tough to give our burdens to Him. It's tough to give our uncertainties about the future to Him. It's tough to give our pain to Him.

But when we do, He will give us rest- the rest we so desperately need.

As I'm resting and trying to get better, I'm overwhelmed by His peace that passes all understanding.

He reminds me of His faithfulness through a friend who called just to pray with me.

He reminds me of His faithfulness through my boss who cares more about me than the work I produce.

He reminds me of His faithfulness through my sweet husband who takes such good care of me and has put me first, sacrificing so much.

I guess I didn't fully realize what it meant until I was married, but two really do become one. Wanting my husband to find steady work is not just so we will be financially stable, but because I know how fulfilled he is when he works in the field that he is passionate about. It's probably my biggest burden I carry and I need to give it to God yet again. He has shown His faithfulness so often, I need to trust Him and find rest in Him.

Easier said than done. Help me Lord.