Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Today Is The Greatest Day I've Ever Known

It hasn't even been a month since I got back from my trip and so much has happened.

I'm 10 pounds lighter (20 pounds total), happier at my job and significantly less anxious.

God did amazing things leading up to, during and following this trip. The situations and people He has placed in my life have been so influential and imperative in my development as a person. All I can say is- WOW!

In this time we have had ups & downs. A lot has been revealed & a lot remains unknown. I am thankful for the change & opportunities that God has granted us. I have seen how God has used Jer & I and hope that He will use us more in the future. It's all very humbling. He takes good care of us :)

I have been drawing & taking photographs more recently. I very much enjoy these creative outlets. Trying to incorporate music, language & other arts more too.

Ever wonder where you will be in 5 years? I look ahead and realize that my life will probably be more different than it ever has before in 5 years. I probably will be a parent, we will either have our own place (or trying to save for our own place) and I will be in my 30's. Sometimes it seems like we will never get out of our current situation, but then I realize how drastically things can change. I want to enjoy today- even though finances might be tough & Jer doesn't have a job. We have a wonderful life, with wonderful people in our lives and I am very thankful for the experiences that have brought me to where I am today.