Sunday, July 28, 2013

How Dare You Threaten Me!

How dare you threaten me!
With your thoughts so against mine,
Your words are so wrong!
Or could our thoughts be in line? 

Are you actually stating,
What I feel and fear most? 
Am I so threatened by your words,
Since I've wondered the "blasphemous?"

Am I threatened by your statement,
Because I've secretly thought the same?
Am I worried about exposure,
That you'll highlight my shame?

Is that why I am angered,
By your statement as is,
I view it as a threat,
Against my own image? 

Could it be when we are honest,
And question You Lord,
It is not blasphemy,
But a way to grow & know you more? 

The tough questions and situations,
Help me grow with others,
We expose our true selves,
Versus lying about having it all together

If You care about the lilies and birds,
And say that you care for us more,
Why are Christians in some countries,
Dying because they are starved?

Why did you say that this generation,
Would not pass away,
Before you returned,
Have we excused it away?

These questions don't cause me,
To trust or revere You less,
Perhaps You will show me the answer,
Perhaps my thoughts will remain a mess

The truth is You have proved,
Yourself o'er and o'er,
These small questions don't stop that,
Just cause me to be honest more

I want to be honest about
Faith, love and doubts,
Rather than be threatened, 
And to grow in my "what abouts" 

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