Monday, February 17, 2014

Presidents Day

I was talking with a co-worker (who lives in a different country) last week and explained that I would be off work for our Presidents Day holiday. She asked about it and what we did to celebrate (if there was a parade, if we eat a special meal) and I said "its really just a day off to celebrate many former President's Birthdays, as many were born in February." 

I guess it sometimes takes someone outside a situation to make you dwell in things... and it just so happens I finished a great book about some Presidents who dealt with mental illness, but I realized I don't give much thought on this holiday to the leaders who made this country what it is today. 

Though there were some horrible things that happened under some of their leadership, there were also some amazing things that happened too. America has been far from a perfect country, but there are a few principles that make me proud to be an American: that all should have access to freedom and liberty namely. 

So I thank the men (and future women) who have & will continue to make this possible. Though we are far from perfect, I am so grateful to be an American and for those who have upheld these values over the years. 


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Virginia Fernández said...

¡Hola! Bonito tu discurso sobre lo maravilloso de la libertad de tu país! Pero, dado que todo ser humano somos IMPERFECTOS, necesitamos un freno moderado, que nos muestre anticipadamente, los riesgos implicados si llegamos hasta el final de esa libertad.
Los riesgos clarísimos de esas supuestas bellas libertades:
En la comida....OBESIDAD
En el sexo.....En lo físico , enfermedades sexuales. En lo emocional...Matrimonios destruídos e hijos dando bote por cualquier lado. (Futuros seres adultos traumados)
En la libertad de poseer ARMAS...Ni hablar, Cualquier traumado se desquita de cualquier cosa
rociando de balas al que se le ponga por delante!
Podría decirte muchas mas. Asi que no estés tan orgulloso de tus libertades!
¡Saludos desde Chile!

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