Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I have been struggling with two things lately; anxiety and envy.

Anxiety is something that I have always struggled with. Sometimes its worse than others. Right now is one of those times. I think when work is stressful it gets bad. I get physically ill and so nervous that it can be almost unbearable. I am trying to give it over to God. Writing helps too.

Envy is something that I have not really struggled with before, but I find that recently I am. I am envious of my friends who only have to work a couple days a week. I am envious that my parents like my sisters boyfriend. I am envious of those who do not have to pay back student loans. I really hate this feeling and pray that it goes away.

So it goes.


Lauren said...

I posted a blog about envy a while back.

Found some pretty convicting scriptures, you should take a look : )

the CoR said...

I feel you on the anxiety. Though mine generally isn't connected to anything... which sucks. I've been having a ton of anxiety lately but I can't fix it because there's no actual reason. Drives me crazy.

Jay said...

I have fought with envy since I was little. It sucks. I have to keep myself in check by turning to God instead of asking why. It is a pain, like having another leg and trying to walk normally.