Monday, December 22, 2008

Person of the Week- Week 2

It's a little early, but i figured i wouldnt get to it on Christmas:

President Bush

Though his approval rating is about the same as Truman's and he is blamed for an unnecessary war and this financial crisis, President Bush will go out looking hard core. When shoes were thrown at him, he was able to swiftly duck and made it look like he did so with ease. And after the fact, he didn’t hold any hard feelings about it, but rather made jokes about it. Here's to you President Bush.


Steph said...

lol nice emily. i'm sure he would be tickled pink if he knew about this

The Future Mr. and Mrs said...

for sure. Thats what I like about you emily, you always find the positive's in things...even politics

Jay said...

I want him on my dodge ball team :)