Friday, December 5, 2008

Just when I thought my approval rating for the police force couldn't be any lower...

an incident on the bus happened this morning.

I got on my transferring bus this morning and noticed an Indian woman talking to the bus driver. She told him she was being stalked by a man. He told her he would call it in to the police and to stay on board. He told the rest of us (myself and a man named Raj that I ride the bus with every morning) that it might take awhile. Raj asked if he could use my phone, as he had a 9 am business meeting to go to, so I let him and I called in for my work. The woman was shaken up. She told the bus driver that this man and his friends were outside of where she lived every morning and would harass her, trying to get her attention by talking to her. She said they would follow her onto the bus and get off where she got off. She said that everyday they would wear the same thing she was it was a green shirt and green pants. I saw one of the men today and it was true. Scary right?

So the police take their sweet time getting over to where we were (aprx 20 mins), though they knew that multiple tri met vehicles were being held up to catch this one guy in particular. They finally get there and ask the lady what is going on....she explained everything to them. They said ‘well we can’t do anything. It would be wrong for us to go talk to him and embarrass him off people he may know.’ Lie #1. I know that the police never have an issue with stopping people. I am as good of a citizen as anyone and I have been stopped and questioned by police while waiting at a bus stop. They could have pulled him aside to talk to him....they wouldn’t have had to do it in front of "all his friends". Secondly, the cops knew all the details before arriving (I heard the whole convo between the bus driver and dispatch), so I wonder why when they arrived, they thought it wasn’t as big of a deal anymore (maybe because she wasn’t a white woman)?

So this girl will still be harassed by these men every day and though she has made multiple reports, our wonderful police task is doing nothing and she will continue to be stalked and harassed everyday. I understand you can’t detain someone over this...but you are allowed to question them. It is the police’s sworn duty to protect and serve, I saw them doing neither today.

With this said, I know there are good cops out just seems like they are becoming less and less. I am thankful for these rare officers for fulfilling their job requirements, but I am becoming more and more enraged by the rest of the force. I guess all I can do is pray for this woman’s safety.

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ConglomerateBeauty said...

You've only been stopped by cops because you're being profiled by being a suspicious-looking woman.

I thought you were going to say that the guy you've become friends with ended up being the guy who was stalking her and was very concerned for your welfare while I read this.

This is mainly why I don't ride buses--people are scary and I don't like to share my personal space with anyone I'm not familiar with. Because they might be followed by stalkers.

You're right though. Stupid cops. I have no faith in them--they classify everything as a "domestic dispute" that they can't be involved in. Makes me want to attack them and up the ante with "police brutality" and then say in court that I was being sexually harassed. MmmHmm.