Friday, February 20, 2009


Last night Corri was about to call Kyo on Skype and right as she was connecting, Mo and Jason called. I heard their voices and ran over to Corri's bed. It was so wonderful to chat with them. Corri then got the idea to conference in Kyo. The four of us were chatting and then Michelle came on and we added her. Then I told Jerry to sign on and all 7 of us were chatting. It was a mini frambly reunion. I hadn't laughed that hard in awhile. I love these friends more than words can describe and cant even begin to describe how much I miss them. I mean my sides were aching from laughing so much (haven’t had that happen in awhile) but realized that was a daily occurrence with that crew. Its amazing to have friends who appreciate you for who you are and love the dorky things about you (and I feel the same way about them). I love the guys who have entered as significant others too....they blend right in. I am so blessed :)

I think I have mentioned Curtis before, my bus driver. He is a very outspoken Christian (which I love). He told me today that he is shocked he hasn't been called into the office yet for his Christianity....being that he talks about it all the time. He told me he doesn't think it is good to force it upon people, but thinks its just as bad if we go our day without talking about our faith. I told him that I thought the joy that people saw from his life wasn’t forceful, rather they would associate that joy with Jesus and a seed would be planted. He gave a church card to a gal on the bus and yesterday we had a devotion with our friend Diana. The bus schedule is going to change soon which I am bummed about. One more week with Curtis. I think I have learned a lot this year, this is just one of the things I have learned.

I had coffee with a gal from my small group last night and kind of filled her in with my family situation and the wedding. I realized that I was no longer feeling guilty about things....God has really helped me overcome some false anxieties. She was very encouraging and brought up some very good points. I am thankful for the new work God continues to do in me and pray that I can please Him in all that I do....taking each of these lessons to heart.


Steph said...

Who knew that you would end up learning so much from a bus driver... seriously that is awesome. I've always loved that you make friends wherever you go... it's been nice to read about you're adventures.

I WISH I could have guts like that guy! And I like that he said forcing Christianity on someone is just as bad as going w/o talking about your faith... very convicting.

I would LOVE to drive south!'s not b/c you'll be there right?? ;) Let me know!!

Kent said...

:.) thats right...that is a lone tear sliding down my emoticons face because i missed the frambly skype reunion.