Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Person of the Week- Week 7

Katie Barrett

This week's person of the week is dedicated to my sister. She is one of the funniest people I know. She always seems to know what I am feeling and is one of the only people who knows what I am thinking. She has a huge heart for her friends and is empathetic towards those who are hurting. She is there to let me vent whenever I need to. I love my sister more than words can describe. Heres to you Katie Barrett!!!

I am deathly ill right now. I spewed this morning....can't even hold down water. I have this horrible cough too; I believe the medical definition is "The Black Lung". But alas I am at work :)
This morning on the bus, Curtis (my bus driver) and Diana (my bff at the bus stop) were the only ones on the bus. They saw I was sick and Curtis recommended that they pray for healing for me :) So we did. It was so sweet.

On the plane home last night I was really sick and was sitting between a nice gay couple. They were making references to that twilight zone where the gremlin was on the wing and offering me tissues.

I miss Jerry more than words can describe. I am heartsick for him. I know its only 4 more months, but I don’t know if I can do it.


the CoR said...

Man oh man. You got some crazy Missouri strain of flu, not whatever me and Hill got. Po' Emil.

Rachel said...

I'm heartsick that you're heartsick.

Love your sister's hair. Sisters are the greatest, for sure. They are heaven's version of best friends, I'm convinced.

Hope you feel better soon. I'll be praying for you. Being sick=not fun.

Steph said...

boo you whore. ;) yay for katie! miss you both. oh i mean i miss katie... scratch the 'both' part.

man, i hope you feel better... seriously. i'm praying for you!

Emil said...

thanks everyone :) i am so thankful for your prayers :)

Jay said...

I think your sister is rad. Everything you say about her makes her sound not real to be honest. As for being sick I think that was great what happened on the bus. I should move up there just to have nice bus friends. I know how you feel about Jerry. But he's right there with you. You know he is walk, laying down, talking to someone and you are on his mind. Get better sickie :P

The Future Mr. and Mrs said...

awww. Your like me...you've got the engagement blues. I just want to be married already! Just remember, we are only engaged once so we might as well make the most of it. Anyways, I hope your feeling better physically and emotionally. Keep your head up

catherinecarmen said...

she is one of my fav's too