Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our Church

I really love our new church- it's diverse, not uber political and most importantly it is very bibically based. The pastor is going through some of the more contriversial subjects in the bible and is handling it all in a bibical, balanced and practical way. Its really refreshing- what Jer and I have been wanting for awhile. Were looking to get involved with a mentoring ministry, apartment ministry and a small group. Cant wait to see what God does. I am so thankful He brought us to Anaheim. I love our church, community and new home (I am still amazed that God gave us such a great place).

In all of His faithfulness, I know He cares for us. He has taken care of us and will continue to- with a job for Jer, our finaces and in our walk with Him. Thank you Lord


Anonymous said...

What church are you going too?

Emil said...

Knott Avenue Christian Church :)