Thursday, November 3, 2011

Trusting God in All Seasons

We were hit with some tough news this week. Now it is our choice- if we are going to trust in God or if we are going to let fear dictate. Lord, let our path be directed by You, let us go to You in prayer always.

A sweet friend sent me a note the other day (in the spirit of Thanksgiving) listing off the reasons she was thankful for me. It really made my day and encouraged me in the gifts God has given me. It served as a reminder of those gifts and to pray about how I can use them more for His glory.

This same friend told us about an opportunity that totally fits in Jerry and my heart for ministry. We need to learn more and pray more, but I am really excited about this.

Tried a new church that we love. I share many similar convictions and love the way the pastor treated God's word with reverence, truth, completion and practicality. It was awesome.

So Lord- I end this with a simple request: Have me pray more. I want to be in constant communication with you. I want our steps to be guided by you. I want to serve You. Help me do this. Amen

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