Monday, January 2, 2012

Love Your Christian Enemies

I was reading Luke 6:27-36: love your enemies. In a modern, contemporary, Christian context I often hear this about "the Muslims, the gays and those God hating secularists."

Ever since I was a teen, I could never relate to this modern interpretation. I have had and continue to have dear friends from each of these "groups."

For awhile, I thought this wasn't a verse that pertained to me as much, since by nature I am fairly laid back.

But recently, I realized that it applies to me in a much different context and was I convicted!

Plain and simple: my enemy was the Christian Right. I hated how they would ostracize and demonize homosexuals, liberals, Muslims and atheists. I would get so mad at how they would focus on the sin and not show Christ's love at all. I hated how it would become an "us vs them" battle.

Basically, I hated how they treated other people and I began to have a growing distain towards the Christian Right. They were not showing Christ's love towards their enemies. Then I realized: I was not showing Christ's love to the Christian Right.... I was not loving my enemies.

It's something I continue to struggle with. God has put many opportunities in my life to love and dialogue with those who I normally get frustrated with. He has taught me a great deal.

So now as I grow in Him, I ask Him to help me minister to both groups (the non-Christians and Christians) in both truth and love. Lord, help me to love all people with Your love!


Stephenie said...

I just jumped back into the blogging world and am so glad I found this blog!
I just recently left my church after they had a politician get up in front of our member and ask us to vote against gay marriage. I actually got up and walked out in tears.

For one, I am against church and state having anything to do with the other, for two, I felt like I was robbed of my church when they brought in what I can only describe it as pure hatred. I guess my big problem here is that I believe that there is no degree of sin, we are all sinners and no one is worse than the other in Gods eyes. So to target one group of sinners makes me sad, I asked the Pastor through email why the church was not fighting to make divorce illegal because that too is a sin. He never answered and that in itself was the answer. It was and is easier to focus on other sinners than it is to focus on your own sins.

I have learned now that even though that church is not right for me, I will continue to love and pray for them as a whole. I will pray that their eyes be opened to the fact that we are all sinners and to target one group does no good for anyone.

Thank you so much for this post...I really needed to hear this today! Once again I am sure that is the big man upstairs making the timing just right :)

Feel free to check out my blog although it is not as interesting as yours ;)

Emil said...

Thank you so much for your comment- your words really blessed me! Just signed up to follow your blog :) Happy New Years!