Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Introspective, reflective,
Probably dwelling too much,
I remember these events,
And how my life has been touched.

At age twenty six I have,
A lifetime or more,
Of trials, tribulations,
For richer or poor

I think of the adventures,
And the ones still in store,
I wonder what is next,
As we knock on different doors,

So many 'nearlies,'
That I have lost count,
It feels my chain is yanked,
Or is it of greater amount?

Could it be Your reminder,
That You are still there,
To keep seeking and asking,
Remaining in prayer?

Is the answer around the corner,
Will Your hand guide us there,
You've taught us so much,
We are willing and with You prepared.

To serve & honor You,
The best that we can,
We will take what we have learned,
Striving to flee from sin's hand.

We're ready to be used,
Your ministry we crave,
Bring us to this Lord,
Please show us the way.