Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Muslim GOP Candidate

I'm constantly amazed by the racist comments that are still being stated 4 years later. People still believe that Obama wasn't born in the US & are still convinced that he is Muslim. Never has a white candidate been accused of these things.

On the other hand, I'm also amazed at how many Christian Republicans who were once very outspoken about how Mormonism is a cult, are suddenly silent about it while fully supporting Romney. Even Billy Graham has removed the statement that "Mormonism is a cult" from his website and has endorsed Romney.

*Side Note- it's pretty disheartening to me that in recent years that Billy Graham has been so political. I have always admired him for choosing not to be part of the Christian Right when approached by Pat Robertson in the 1980's. Perhaps this is due to him being older or Franklin Graham being more in charge of the organization.*

A friend of mine & I were discussing these things this week and she posed this question: Do you think that Republican Christians would ever vote for a Muslim GOP candidate (since they have voted for a Mormon)?

Now I doubt in the real (bigoted) world this would happen, but for arguments sake, let's say it was between a Muslim GOP candidate and a democrat... who do you think the Christian Right would choose to endorse?