Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Person of the Week-Week 3

Jerry Fuentes

I know that I am a week behind, but this is better late than never, right? I have elected my wonderful soon to be husband as person of the week for many reasons. He is such a servant (driving me, my sister, my friends all over so cal the past 2 weeks), has an amazing heart (the ability to honor God by forgiving and love everyone) and he has the ability to make me laugh beyond control. He is my best friend and I am so thankful that he will be my husband in 5 months.
Sorry I haven't been commenting on anyone’s blogs lately. I have been in so cal for the past two weeks and rarely went online. I had a wonderful time. It was sunny (just what I needed) and I got to see almost everyone.
I flew in on the 22nd and got chick fila with the fam. The next day, I went shopping at the Mission Viejo mall with Serena and Katie (like old times). We met up with the boys at CPK later that night. I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas with the fam. They all seemed to like their gifts. The day after Christmas I got coffee with Briana and she gave me lots of good wedding advice. I then hung out with Skylar and Katie. We spent the night at Kristin Lattorelle’s (so much fun). The next day was Jerry’s sisters wedding....so much fun. The following day I went to church with my family, played monopoly and went to the beach for a bonfire with them. The day after that I took my GRE....scored a 980. Its more than enough to get me into both schools I am applying to, so that is great. Jer and I met up and got Claim Jumper for his bday. I then went to my grandpa’s to spend the night. We watched the Sound of Music. The next morning I walked to the bus and missed it by 30 seconds. Normally I would have been a little annoyed, but it was ok because I was right at the beach and hung out for 30 mins. I had never realized that the bus from Vanguard went right to the beach. That would have saved me a lot of parking hassle the past 4 years. I rode the bus straight up to Open Doors and worked the day there. It was wonderful to see everyone. That night a few of us from my old youth group got together at the harbor house. New Years Eve day I hung out with the fam and that night I went to Kaytie Clary’s party, then Jerry's old friends, then Kyo and Corris and then to Michelle’s to spend the night. The next day we hung out with Skylar and Katie and then I watched the Twilight Zone with my family. The next day Jerry and I did premarital counseling with Bill. It was one of the best experiences for me. I learned a lot and gained a better biblical understanding about certain situations in my life. We then met up with Kaytie Clary and Roxy and drove out to Jerrys old church. We look over the church and dance hall and are very excited :) We are able to do all of this for pretty cheap too :) We had dinner with Dez for her birthday and then went to Melissa and Grace's. The following day was our 3 year anniversary. Jerry and i bought our wedding rings and then he took me to The Melting Pot and then we saw Yes Man (I thought it was great). The next day Katie and I took the train to see my grandmas in Burbank. Skylar picked us up after and we went to Hollywood and Ameboa. We then met Jer at Skosh's and then hung out with Corri and Kyo. My last day I spent with my family playing monopoly and cards. It was a great time off. :)


Kristin Jamieson said...

best break ever. : )

Jay said...

All I have to say is It's about Time!

.heidi.noelle. said...

SO glad you had a wonderful time off! :)