Friday, January 30, 2009

Economic Plan

Here is a good article about Obama's plan that passed in the House (with no Republican support) and is on it's way to Senate. I agree that there are a few unneeded portions in this package, but being the math nerd that I am, I added up the one's that I couldn't see directly stimulating the economy and it came to 7 billion. 7 billion is a lot, don’t get me wrong. But 7 billion out of 900 billion isn’t the worst idea in the world. My take? I wish Obama would trim things out like global warming research (which is a good thing, when we have money for it), and maybe even cut back on things that will directly stimulate the economy, so we don’t have 900 billion to add to our debt. I guess the national debt was this bad before once. It wasn't even during the was post WWII. So that makes me feel better. Let’s pray that this does something good for our economy and that the President, House and Senate would refrain from unnecessary spending until we can afford it.

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