Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I have not said a ton on this subject during this election, except for a few words here or there to a couple of friends, but the last 24 hours have sent me over the top. I am enraged.

I'm sure if I took a hiatus from facebook, i would not be so upset. But the bummer is, these so called friends and acquaintances are saying things like "67% of 18-29 year olds voted for Obama because he is black", "will it still be called the White House" or "upset this has turned into a racial victory - this is the presidency!". They will have these racists’ thoughts if I read them or not. The worst part is most of it is in ignorance. None of these people would believe that what they are saying is racist.

I have seen a few of my friends refer to Romans 13. I love that passage. Obama is not going to save this country, nor is he a politician that i agree with on everything. But he is our leader. We need to respect him as Romans 13 calls us to. The first step in doing this is by removing racism from our thoughts and speech.

All I ask is that you would think about things before you say them. Think about the undertones your statement could have.

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The Future Mr. and Mrs said...

I definately took a hiatus from facebook and myspace. It was just too much. It was causing me to write cuss words. Sometimes i don't like being part of the "no- privacy-blast-my-opinions-all-over the-internet" generation