Monday, November 10, 2008

This week

This week has been crazy, and upon review I understand why:

1. We elected our first black president. A beautiful and historical moment.

2. We had prayer week at church (so good).

3. Had a wonderful meal/office time at our friend Courtney's.

4. Found out I get to go home for Thanksgiving. It is going to be an epic journey...road trip with Katie and Hil, then with Sharayah. Spend 2 days with my family (to their surprise) and then a train ride back to Hanford to drive back with Katie and Hil. Epic truly is the only word to describe this.

5. Registered to take the GRE. December 29th.

6. Took care of a ton of wedding stuff

7. Outlined my book that I am writing.

8. Went to Wordstock. This was a book and writing festival.

9. Took care of my extremely long to do list

10. My roommate is officially dating a wonderful guy. We all couldn’t be happier. :)

What a great week!!!


the CoR said...

Well, maybe Kattie and Hil could be happier... ;o)

Emil said...


sad but true