Saturday, November 8, 2008


Today Corri and I went to Wordstock in the city. It was a book and writing convention (aka nerd convention) and it was wonderful. We met some cool people and got a ton of free books. I being the kind person that I am got one for Kyo. I cant wait till he opens it :)

I found out that I get to go home for Thanksgiving. I am going to surprise my family and I am super excited.

We found out that our friends got held at gunpoint last night. Thank goodness they are safe. The gunmen must have thought they were someone else because they took of after a second. The gunmen were also their neighbors down the street, so they were able to ID them to the police.

I have to work on GRE/Grad School app, wedding stuff and writing my book. So much to little time :(

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