Thursday, January 8, 2009

Greek nor Jew

With the Gaza situation worsening, I find myself getting more and more pissed at American Christians who blindly take the side of Israel because they are God's chosen people. Just because they are God's chosen people, doesn’t mean that the government is pleasing God or doing the right thing....look at the Old Testament and you will find numerous stories of the people of Israel doing things that displeased God. Now I am not taking a side here, merely pointing out that both sides have things that they are right and wrong about.

Spiritually we need to acknowledge that Colossians 3 states that there is Greek nor Jew in the Kingdom of God. He loves us all equally...we are all his people. When people hate Palestinians they are being racist in the name of Zionism. Stereotyping Palestinians in this way is not only dangerous but morally wrong.

Politically we need to understand feelings on both sides. Yes the land of Israel has been the Jew's for thousands of years. But in recent time, Palestinians have inhabited it. Since 1948 they have experienced Eminent Domain in the harshest sense....the land that was theirs for years has dwindled down to the Gaza strip and a small piece of land called Palestine. Compare it to what the White man did to Native Americans. It was their land first...we took over. The land was their’s...but it would suck for everyone in America if we were forced off of the land we had known all our lives by Native Americans....wouldn’t it?

Anywho...I don’t have the answers...this wont be solved until Christ’s return. But I can say that God loves all his Creation, on both sides. Since he has this kind of love, it is wrong of us to pick sides.


Jay said...

I agree with you on the blindly siding without knowing things. I don't personally think right now that Israel is in the wrong. I feel this way because Hamas has been sending rockets over there for a while now. I think they just got fed up. Israel as I feel bad for cause (of course I'm never right or is my opinion absolute) they have this tiny piece of land that everyone keeps trying to take. Everyone! The palistines are sort of jewish two. As I was told Jacob got Israel, Issua got where palistine is. so this is one big sibling fighting going on lol. But that's me.

Emil said...

you know i should clarify....hamas has been horrible recently and i do think that Israel is defending itself (thats what i meant by both are doing things right and wrong...should have gone more in depth there)

Pre 1948 Palestinians inhabited almost all of what is now the state of Israel. Since 1948 their land (what they are allowed to inhabit) has gotten smaller and smaller and smaller to a strip called gaza and palestine. pre 1948Palestinians had 93% of the land, today they have less than 20%.

I agree with you on the sibling thing...its just wrong for us to choose one side over another in my mind...i love your insight

Jay said...

See I didn't know that chunk of facts just relayed to me in that little paragraph you posted in the reply. I just don't like taking sides but when I see that one (like you said hamas has been naughty as of late) isn't being as bad I feel for. I me you can only turn the cheek so much. I'm not Christ lol. I don't know, when I look at that little piece of land I think no one would care if God hadn't declared those people his. Not to mention Jesus being born there didn't make things better. Well in his great wisdom and will it does. I mean what is it about small places people what so much. Like Japan, China has tried several times but this little place has kicked the crap out of them. This went to long. Thanks for the mind compliment. That's what you get for talking with someone of his rocker!

Emil said...

hahahaha...good call yet again :)

carrie said...

I f$*#ing love you!

James said...

blessed are the land-mines
stretched across the desert floor
God, bless the hands that formed them
filled their shrapnel hearts with war
may you bless the companies
the goose that laid the golden egg
may they make a million more
blowing off a million legs

blessed are the black-tongued ravens
substituting fear for reason
to hate war is to hate us
if you love peace, then you must love treason
beat your plowshares into swords
beat your pulpits, turn your tables
blessed are the hand-grenades
bless the church who rattles sabres

this house, is burning
this poison still is worming
this temple, will cave in
there's nothing here worth saving

nail the gold up to the altar
like Ahab taunts his crew to war
lack of faith is for the poor
hold your wallets to the sky
a temple built to sooth yourself
blessed is the church who tries
to help you build blessed wealth

.blessed are the land-mines.
- brave saint saturn