Wednesday, January 14, 2009

His Kingdom

The streets of my once busy city,
Are empty and bare,
There is no one in the restaurants,
Shops, Movies, anywhere

Where employees once stood,
There is no one to be found,
A once thriving business,
Has plummeted to the ground

Why am I so fortunate?
To have kept my vocation,
To have enough to eat,
A warm house, enough for our wedding and vacation?

The economy has been getting more and more real to me and makes me crave a perfect heaven compared to this imperfect earth. I was thinking about that time a few years back at the Lazy W for leadership retreat. It was a night of worship with the Holy Spirit's presences so tangibly there....words can’t even describe how amazing it was. We worshipped for hours and it still didn’t feel long enough. We used the gifts of the Spirit, spoke into each others lives. It was amazing. A little taste of what heaven is going to be like. I cannot wait for that Kingdom. But until then, I pray the Lord uses me here on earth, so more can be part of this awesome experience. Open my mind and heart to the ways You want to use me Lord! Please use this imperfect servant in mighty ways, as only you can. Refine me I pray!

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